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Earthquake!!! (4-19-08)

Yesterday morning (Friday 8-18-08) at 5:30 I was still in bed (obviously since I rarely get out of bed before 9AM).
At about 5:30 my neighbor’s dog started barking which woke me up.  Then my dog started barking and things started rattling, like my closet door, which rattled on its hinges.  The water in my waterbed started sloshing around a bit (yea, I’m still stuck in the 70’s… been sleeping in a waterbed for 30 years).  I considered the possibility of an earthquake, but I had more important matters on my mind… getting back to sleep.
When I finally got up at 9 AM, I checked the headlines online and found out it really was an earthquake.
Earthquakes somewhat rare in the Ohio Valley, and certainly nothing like the west coast, Alaska, Japan or other parts of the pacific ‘rim of fire’.  But we do have minor earthquakes with some regularity.  The Friday quake registered  5.2 on the Dewey Decimal System, with a 4.5 aftershock at 11:10 or so.
This was not the “Big One” they have been predicting for the New Madrid fault for years… In fact it wasn’t even the New Madrid fault this time. History buffs may know that the New Madrid fault produced four of the largest North American earthquakes in recorded history, with magnitudes estimated to be greater than 7.0 on the Richter scale, all occurring within a 3 month period between late 1811 and early 1812. The Mississippi river course changed by 5 miles and it actually flowed northward/backward for a time.  Accurate measurements of earthquakes were impossible in the early 19th century, but the Feb 17, 1812 quake would most like be rated above an 8.0 (some scientists say it could have been near 9.0).  If this quake occurred in modern times, Evansville, Paducah, Memphis, Cape Girardeau, and even St Louis would sustain catastrophic damage, and Indianapolis would have major damage and loss of life.
However, studies indicate this unstable mass only results in earthquakes every 300-500 years, and the last “major” activity was in 1812, so we aren’t due until 2111 or so, except we all know mother nature doesn’t follow patterns.
When I got to the radio station at 9AM on Friday, I was talking to Chris Fox, Sara Beth and Brittany Gray. They were actually on the air at 5:30 AM, with the microphones on, chatting away. The countertops, which hold the control board and computer monitors, keyboards and CD players isn’t secured very well and I believe they all thought someone was bouncing it around.  Eventually they knew something weird was going on.  Even though they hadn’t considered an earthquake in the early seconds, you might say you heard it “live” on QMIX as they tried to figure out what was going on.  Nikki G took a few days off, and Sara Beth filled in.  I was thinking that wherever Nikki G is, she has to feel bad that she missed an historic event, and the chance to do an entire morning show with virtually no prep (research into what kind of things they are going to talk about).  The entire morning show itinerary was set by 5:30AM, and the phones rang off the hook.
I wonder how many times radio stations played Carol King’s “I Feel The Earth Move, Under My Feet”?
Speaking of the Ohio Valley being a hotbed for mother nature’s frivolity… remember this date and write it down:
Monday – August 21, 2017.
Just over 9 years from now a once in a lifetime event will occur in the Ohio Valley, more specifically just northwest of Hopkinsville Kentucky.  I already tried to make hotel reservations, but I’m going to save that for another blog.  In other words, “keep listening for details”.

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It’s Gremlins (4-2-08)


Y’all remember that movie back in the 80’s when Hoyt Axton’s kid buys this furry little creature named Gizmo, with instructions not to feed it after midnight, keep him away from bright lights and to never-ever-ever get it wet.
Well, Gizmo jumped into a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken at 2AM, then got wet and you guessed the rest, it morphed into and started releasing those miserable creatures, the “Gremlins” into the world.
In the movie, all of the Gremlins get torched in the end, but I’m here to tell you that someone at Amblin Entertainment and Warner Brothers didn’t burn ’em all.
This one found it’s way to 9th and Washington!
No, I haven’t actually seen this guy yet, but I know he’s there.
Last week Sara Fischer called to say that she’s been losing emails.  She hit the ‘send’ button but the message never showed up on the recipient’s PC, and she didn’t receive a ‘delivery failure” notice.
I did some research and found nothing.  It must have been those Gremlins!
Then, yesterday I was hooking up a new telephone interface in the KORN studio, and no matter what I did, it wouldn’t work (still doesn’t).
I brought the telephone, the interface and the module from the control board into the QMIX studio and it worked fine.  I checked all the wiring for continuity, everything checks out perfectly.  But in the KORN studio, the exact same equipment won’t work.
Keith Maddox and Bobbie Sue will be giving away $100 bills starting Thursday on KORN Country 100.3 (shamelessly trying to buy more listeners) and Mike King (my boss’s boss’s boss) said the phone interface MUST be ready for the Cash Cow Contest on Thursday or there will be.. well, you know.
I’ll eventually figure it out (hopefully by Thursday morning), but for now I’ve thrown up my hands and blamed the Gremlins.
I have made 13 trips to our 3 main transmitter sites in the last month.   Well, except the QMIX transmitter site east of Columbus on 46…. there are snakes in there so any invading Gremlin would last about as long as a mouse in a snake pit… plus I don’t go in there without someone else going in ahead of me with a shovel (I’ll leave those details out).
Anyway, by the time I get to the transmitter site, everything is fine.  I can’t figure it out. More Gremlins.
These aren’t recent happenings, they have been going on for a long time.  Since it could not possibly be my inability to troubleshoot these problems or a lack of knowledge to fix them, it must be Gremlins.  And since all of this weirdness started sometime in the mid 80’s (Gremlins was released in theatres in 1984… coincidence.. I don’t think so), it must be those creatures who escaped from Hollywood.  Kind of like Brittany and Lindsay, you might say.
Now… before I quit bloggin’ and go back to work,  I need to tell you that Sara Beth just walked by and saw my picture of the Gremlin and said the movie Gremlins scared her (she needs to watch Poltergeist, another of Speilberg’s mid 80’s flicks if she wants to see scary), so just to even out the graphics with this blog, I include this to calm down the 7 year olds (and Sara Beth) reading this:


I know, Gizmo is cute and cuddly, but just feed him KFC and get him wet and look out!
I’m not kidding.
Finally, with all due respect to American Motors Corp (RIP),  I must insert a disclaimer that the Gremlins refered to in this Blog have nothing to do with the AMC Gremlin, a terriffic car manufactured in the 70’s.

And… Yes I did have a 1976 Gremlin and it was one of the best cars I ever owned.
Meanwhile I gotta try to get that phone thingy fixed.

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