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Easter Sunday (3-25-08)

I was in the yard Easter Sunday, looking for Easter Eggs and all at once it started snowing.
For a few minutes it was nearly a white-out.
It didn’t last long but we managed to have periods of flurries pretty-much all day Sunday.
While it was snowing I started to think that Easter Sunday sure came early this year.
So I did a little research (that means I spent 5 minutes at Wikipedia).
Until now I had no idea how they set the date for Easter.  Perhaps the Pope set the date, or the US Congress, or Henry Kissinger.
Wrong Wrong Wrong
Easter Sunday was/is based on the Jewish Passover, and it officially happens “the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox” (the vernal equinox is the first day of spring).
Whew… Who thought that up?
In any event, Easter Sunday can NEVER happen earlier than March 22nd, nor later than April 25th.
This year Easter was on March 23rd, which is about as early as it can get.
The last time Easter occurred on March 23rd was 95 years ago in 1913.  The next time Easter happens on March 23rd will be in 2160, or 152 years from now.
Just in case you have a need to know when Easter Sunday will happen, and don’t have a lunar calendar, here are the dates for Easter Sunday for the next few years:

2009   April 12th
2010   April 4th
2011   April 24th
2012   April 8th
2013   March 31st
2014   April 20th
2015   April 5th
2016   March 27th
2017   April 16th
2018   April 1st

That means that in 2018 Easter Sunday will be on April’s Fools Day.
Imagine the possibilities.
If you get the warm-fuzzies because Easter was so early THIS year, imagine how they felt in 1918 when Easter was on March 22nd (the absolute earliest Easter can possibly occur).  The next time Easter will be on March 22nd will be in 2285, 277 years from now.
I don’t think it’s that unusual for us to have snow flurries on Easter Sunday…. It is Indiana, you know, but celebrating Easter in March is a rarity.  Of course Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is probably working on legislation to put Indiana on Easter Savings Time, so that when it’s March in Indiana it’s April in Ohio.  Or maybe he will sell the name, “Easter Sunday” to an investor in the Federated States of Micronesia, who will rename it “Federates States of Micronesian Easter”.
But… That’s another blog for another day.

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Digital Cameras Have Convex Lenses! (3-21-08)

There was a picture of me taken back in ’97 or ’98 that was basically my QMIX mug-shot for about 10 years. It wasn’t a bad picture, considering  I’ve never been the most photogenic person.  Even Glamour Shots said, “why bother dude!
In any event, we were  told to get new pictures taken for the All New, Redesigned from the Ground-up QMIX dot COM.
Sara Beth brought out the digital camera and snapped my picture.
This is the result:
I realize this isn’t me.  The original picture seems to have been deliberately deleted.. Probably by Gremlins.
The, to add insult to injury, I went to Greensburg last week to set up a streaming audio PC for 1330 WTRE (
When I finished I flipped the switch to start the audio stream, Sandy Biddinger (station mgr) told someone to grab the camera to document the occasion.  After sitting there with a stupid smile on my face for 2 minutes I relaxed waiting for the camera to get ready and that was when shutter clicked.  This is the result:
untitled (4)
Of course this isn’t me. It’s an old grumpy dude names Walter. The original picture seems to have been deliberately deleted.. Probably by Gremlins.
In this one I looked like should have  been ice fishing in Minnesota with Jack Lemmon and Walter Mathau.
If I was grumpy when  she snapped the picture, it was because I was tired of sitting with a smile on my face for 2 minutes.
My driver’s license picture is the most hideous of all.
My point is…. Sure I’ve gained a few pounds in the past 10 years, and aged 20 years in the past 10 years (mostly from the sins of my youth), but I know I don’t look that bad.
It must be these digital cameras.  They have anamorphicisly convexly concaved lenses that distort the images.
I’m gonna jump on eBay and try to find a Kodak Brownie Automatic or a Polaroid Swinger and try to get a decent picture.
Then again, I might just go back to this 10 year-old picture.

Ahhhh That’s better.
Death to digital cameras…..

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Weather Forecasts

First I admit that I have a friend who is a meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in Indianapolis (who listens to QMIX regularly-thnx Chad!), but that in no way influences my opinion.

As much as I love radio, weather has always been a close second as an interest in my life. I guess it started back on Palm Sunday 1965 when I was just a youngster:
(more info).
wea00217 (2)

Hey… I was out with my camcorder lookin’ for tornadoes years before the Bill Paxton/Helen Hunt movie (I’ve only bagged two in my entire life and one was in Dallas). Plus, I watched the weather channel 24/7 from the day they signed on until it became the Jim Cantore and commercial channel… but I digress.
NWS Logo
My point is.. the National Weather Service has had a rough time of it this winter. They have missed the boat on nearly every major winter storm since Christmas (issuing Winter Storm Warnings with nothing of significance developing). But yesterday, our Ops Mrg, Dave Wineland walked into the studio at 2:05 PM and said, “you gotta hand it to the National Weather Service (NWS) forecast. They said we would get sprinkles by 2PM and at exactly 2PM we started getting sprinkles”.
Dave was right on the money… as is the NWS forecast most of the time.
TWC_logo_100x100 (2)
For a long time, our competition got their forecast from the Weather Channel, while QMIX and KORN always used the NWS forecast. As a matter of pride, I compared the NWS forecast with the forecast issued by the Weather Channel, and when they significantly differed, the NWS forecast was more accurate 99.999999% of the time (actually it was 100%). Every time for over two years. That’s incredible!
Forecasting in the winter has always been difficult, everybody wants to know when the snow will start, when it will stop and how much will fall. Not to mention that just 2 or 3 degrees can make a huge difference between rain, freezing rain or snow.  In the summer time, all it takes is, “a chance for afternoon thundershowers” to satisfy everyone. Nobody wants to know exactly how much rain will fall.
For the record… the Weather Channel didn’t do any better this winter. Nor did AccuWeather or anyone else.
It looks like winter may be sliding away, and now it’s raining. And it started at exactly 2PM Monday.

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My First Blog (3-19-08)

I finally mastered the technique of posting here.. which is kind of bad because I’m supposed to be the QMIX tech guy.
There was a time when I hand-coded the entire QMIX dot COM website using a text editor, and uploaded it using an FTP client… in the days before Front Page, Hot Dog or Dreamweaver, and now it takes me 4 days to figure out how to post here.
I was originally going to open my blog by complaining… first about how long and dreary this winter has been, then I was going to rant about how Hoosiers (the residents of Indiana, not the IU basketball and football teams) sit by while our legislators pass new laws and taxes, and then complain when they become law (things like the seat-belt law and increase in sales tax are pet peeves of mine), but I really want to keep things positive here, so I won’t utter another complaint, except to say “don’t cruise in the fast lane” (I could go nuts about my #1 pet peeve but that would really make people mad).
Instead I shall focus on the positive and say that from the time I was a little kid, all I ever wanted to do was to be on the radio, and it is a blessing to be able to do what I do and get paid for it!  I once heard that if you find something you really like to do and make it your job, you never have to go to work!   That is my scenario.  Every day I get to play music on the radio and spend the rest of my day playing with all of those wonderful toys (computers, transmitters, microphones etc).
It will be 17 years this fall since I walked through the door of QMIX and started the fun… here’s to another 17 years (well,  this didn’t exactly work out.  I was shown the door in March 2012 but 21 years is a heck of a run for radio)!
Now… about driving while talking on the cell phone…..

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